Monday, 30 April 2018

Beltane ~ Time for The Wild Masculine

I am fascinated by the concept of the Wild Masculine.  Now days we hear much about the Wild Feminine as women everywhere attempt to connect once again with their inert feminine nature.  I believe we are forgetting about a significant part of this renaissance; The Masculine.  I don’t imagine that the one can become whole without the other.  We can empower women, make them stronger and more self-sufficient but without enlightened men we are, in my opinion, fighting a losing battle.

In this time of the #metoo movement there are two significant things happening.  I see feminism taking a nasty turn and in that we are becoming as narrow minded as the men we are standing up against.  It fills me with sadness because I would have thought we knew better, but bitterness often makes you weak and vengeful.  Secondly some men scoff the movement as irrelevant and a “card to be pulled”.  I assure you it is neither.

It brings me back to the concept of the Wild Masculine.  I have read quite a bit about it however I feel I have just scratched the surface.  There is still much to learn, just as I continue to uncover more about the Wild Feminine.  I can share what I know so far about the Wild Masculine… but I am sure that someday I will have more to reveal.

The Wild Masculine is raw primordial power.  He is the incarnation of Freyr, Pan, Cernunnos and The Green Man.  It connects with the feminine without fear and with an open heart.  The masculinity that is mirrored to us today is but a hollow shell.  A world were the feminine has been oppressed doesn’t offer men the opportunity to be open, strong and playful, not with the feminine nor within their brotherhood. 

Many men have become attached to their ego’s not their hearts which has led to unhealthy competition.  I don’t believe that men want to be this way; I just think they have lost the knowledge of how to be true to themselves. This incarnation of the world certainly doesn’t nurture this type of masculinity.

When men meet on an equal footing among themselves they are the unstoppable warrior energy that can change the world.  They provide a place for women to work their magic of birthing and creation.  Without the seed there can be no creation and no birthing.

The Wild Masculine loves without boundary and will allow himself to be vulnerable.  His gift is to penetrate a woman to her deepest core unlocking pleasure and the true understanding of the Source and Love.  When men and woman connect in this way they are two parts of equal measure of the same breath that creates not only life but harmony.  He will not ever diminish the woman he has chosen but will choose to honour the feminine.  He relies on the wisdom of the feminine to see the mystical and the magic of existence and he knows that with and through her he can know Source. 

The Wild Masculine knows and understands that it his mission is to bring light into the darkness and force it back and while doing so he will not sacrifice his integrity, honour or beliefs.  He is always in alignment with what is right and for the greater good of humanity.  He is Love made into Action…

Love & Light

Sunday, 8 April 2018

I am Heathen… and this is why.

People often ask me why I am Heathen.  For some time I wasn’t able to give them and answer that made sense, it was as if I couldn’t quite put it into words.  So, I spent some time thinking about it why I am a Pagan so that next time I was asked I could answer the question clearly without hesitation.

I have always believed in something greater than myself, the Church however left me cold.  I felt that the Patriarchy of Christianity didn’t feed me.  I could not reconcile a God of love with one who spoke of an eternal punishment if you did not follow the rules.  Then Jesus died and for our sins and was resurrected.  That took a lot of responsibility off our shoulders; we could ask for forgiveness and be saved but there was still there was something missing.  

Here are my reasons for choosing to be a Pagan:

I was very young when I started to believe in re-incarnation.  I could never wrap my head around how one would get only one chance to live a good life and not make any mistakes.  In my everyday life I was granted chance after chance by my earthly Father why would a heavenly Father not be more compassionate if he were a God of love.  I feel certain that I will keep coming back until I am enlightened and I am absolutely convinced that I have lived many lives both of power and darkness.

Goddess Worship:
Somewhere deep inside my subconscious I knew that there were Goddesses that had been stripped of their power and were waiting to be worshipped once again.  I could feel the rise of the feminine and I wanted to be part of that movement.  However I never become only a Goddess worshipper I believe in balance where both the masculine and the feminine are revered. 

I believe in the law of Karma and free will; what you sow so shall you reap.  To me this means that if I do my best to be a good person that is what will be returned to me.  If I do harm intentionally it will have a karmic repercussion.  Every experience in my life is a consequence of a decision I made. 

Free Will:
I have free will and I therefore have the freedom of choice and there is always a choice.  With choice comes great responsibility.  I attract everything good and bad with my intention and the choices I make.  Choice is freedom!!

Even though there is something comforting about Jesus taking away our sins I prefer to take responsibility for my own life and deeds.  I feel that only through learning, healing and striving to be a better person can I become a part of Source. 

This is why I am Heathen and proud of it.  I feel in control of my life but in the knowledge that there is a reason for everything and nothing is coincidence.  There is a synchronicity to my life that allows it to flow, move and be vibrant.  There is a Great Mystery at work and I am part of it...

Love & Light