Monday, 30 December 2019

A Decade of Lessons Learned.

Here we are standing on the threshold of a New Year and a new decade. Looking back over the last decade I came up with a list of things that I have learned.  Interesting that there are times when I still fall into the trap with one or two but in general I have been growing and learning all the time.  I think we overlook our growth daily and it is only with true reflection that we can see where we were ten years ago.  I can safely say that I am not even remotely the same person. With the help of the Medicine Wheel I have reviewed the core changes that have taken place over the last decade.  It is amazing to consider that I have only been on my healing path since 2009. 

EAST – Sun - Spirit:
The very first step of my healing journey is here.  In 2009 I first heard the knock of Spirit, my own and Great Spirit.  I was happy enough but something was missing.  There was a hole somewhere in my Soul that needed to be filled.  I did fight against it, which is my usual go to, but in the end I took the plunge.  What I know now: we need faith in something larger than ourselves and also in ourselves to have peace in the knowledge that everything is exactly as it should be.

WEST – Earth - Physical:
In this direction I was reckless and I feel I squandered much and didn’t take advantage of all the opportunities that presented themselves.  I made some fundamental mistakes.  I didn’t listen to my intuition and took risks I should not have.  What was the lesson?  There’s two:  You don’t need much material goods to be happy as long as you can meet the necessities, food, clothing, home and security. As a matter of fact not owning much gives you a sense of freedom.  The second lesson is: NEVER, EVER dismiss your intuition!  Always listen!

SOUTH – Water – Heart:
Ah, this direction was my greatest challenge.  Opening my heart was tough because you have to allow yourself to be vulnerable and that is a feeling that makes me uncomfortable.  Looking at my stories and unraveling them so that I could forgive myself and others were rough.  I mean, who likes mushing around in the places where you are raw and hurting? It was so worth it though.  In this direction I learnt that: Forgiveness is essential, it removes anger and pain.  Always speak your truth because if you don’t you are robbed of your peace.  If speaking your truth makes people leave then so be it, that means they were never supposed to be in your space anyway as they have no clue who you really are.  Accept the consequences.

NORTH – Air – Mind:
Problem area number two!  It took a lot of work to shut my mind down, and frankly, this is still an area I struggle with.  My mind can play tricks on my like no-bodies business.  The projections that I can conjure up could make a script writer feel inadequate.  I have learned to practice being present in the moment. To not project into the future but to wait until something happens and then deal not before.  What I know is that what I dream up by over-thinking never happens so sleepless nights are not required.  If there are circumstances or people in your life that are causing you to project and over-think – LET THEM, OR IT GO! Don’t let situations carry on past its expiry date, take action and move on.

CENTER – Breath – Life Force:
Here the lessons have been simple and quite direct.  Always be authentically you.  Be careful who you share your energy with.  Some people are only in it for what they can get and they will leave you drained and confused (enter the mind).  Find people that match or exceed your vibration so that you can be inspired to do better.  Above all… BREATHE!
 Love & Light