Friday, 24 February 2012

Lightworkers Saga

Lightworkers Saga

Here is a promotional video for my Mystery/Suspense novel. Check it out my friends!

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Friday, 17 February 2012

Spiritual Connection vs. Abundance

There seems to be two concepts that are never mentioned in the same breath; Money and Spirituality. I find that to be very interesting. Spiritual people often use the word Abundance as if the use of that word somehow softens the fact that they are referring to money. Why do they have the need to hide behind this word? What does the word abundance actually mean? Here are some expressive synonyms; Excess, Profusion, Glut, Surplus and Wealth. None of these sound so connected do they?

Why is it that the more spiritually connected we get the more we believe that we should have an aversion to money? We are we made to feel guilty by others that we can’t live off love, air, energy and water alone?

Being spiritual and trying to maintain a spiritual connection at all times I have to work at allowing abundance into my life. Often public opinion dictates that the more "spiritual" one becomes the less you long for the material things in life. This may be true for a few guru's but most of us live in the physical world and therefore need to make sure that we can care for ourselves and our families in this reality.

I for one am going to let go of all my limiting beliefs and actively engage in attracting abundance - and yes I am using this word in it's true sense! This is a very real goal for 2012 and I will be focusing much of my intent on this goal.

The one thing that I have found that has proven to attract abundance is to have respect and be grateful for what you already have. If you don’t care for the things you have, then why should you be granted more? I have worked hard for every single thing I have in my life; nothing was handed to me and I take pleasure from the fact that I have done it all on my own, so to speak. Of course we are never alone if we are co-creating with Spirit....

I am very grateful for what I have. To be honest sometimes I am blown away by the blessings in my life!!

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Love and Light!!