Friday, 4 July 2014

Independence Day

This year I am in the USA celebrating the 4th of July with my American honey. It is the first time I have actually been State-side for this celebration and I am paying close attention to what is happening in our neighbourhood. It is mid morning and like any other weekend morning people are out mowing lawns, washing muscle-cars or the houses and yards look quiet. I am sitting at the kitchen table writing this blog while eating "biltong" which we bought on our way down in Oakville, Ontario. So that should give you some idea where I am from. Later today we are going to have what Richard refers to as "a cook-out" otherwise known as a "BBQ" in Canada or a "braai" in South Africa. As I sit here typing away I reflect of all the different culture I have been exposed to. In my own homeland South Africa all the African cultures, Afrikaans, English, Sesotho, Zulu, Xhoza, Swahili, Venda and many more. Since I have moved to North America I have embraced Canadian, Native American cultures and now also American... it seems endless! Americans fought a hard battle for Independence. The right to make their own decisions and determine their fate. What does Independence really mean to me? Freedom to choose my own path. It means that no-one but me can decide how I should live my life. With that right comes responsibility. I have to take responsibility for all my choices. I can never blame someone else for events in my life. On a spiritual level Independence means that I have stopped listening to fear. I opened my heart to learning and thinking new thoughts and making the unknown my friend so that I can be fearless in going forward and following my chosen path. I have made peace with the part of me that lives in the shadows and I am gently healing the scars that I created. I too have fought a battle to bring all of me into the light and make myself whole. I have unleashed my shinning by teaching, and guiding others towards their own healing. This is an honour and a responsibility that I do not take lightly. My medicine has become an integral part of me and I pledge myself to it.... Love & Light!