Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Do you believe in the Power of Music?

For some music is their lives and a day without music would be like a torturous death while others can take it or leave it; but no-one I know has ever said that they hate music.  Everyone, even people that listen on occasion has a special song, one that reminds them of a person or emotion, a joy or even sadness.    Let’s face it anyone that has ever been married in the history of the world has that special song, the one they danced into their new lives with, the one that held meaning for them as a couple.

There is a tremendous power in music.  Do you believe that it can move you to do things?  That it stirs the emotions?  Of course it does.  There is a reason countries have a National Anthem – it stirs the Patriotic Spirit and creates a kinship and a source of pride.  Ask any athlete who has ever stood on a playing field while his or her National Anthem was played and they will tell you how overwhelming it is.  It can hold a source of pride for a school, club, university or college any organization that is attempting to draw people together towards a common goal.

For our ancestors music was used as a medium to tell tales of heroism and tragedy.  Bards traveled from town to town throughout the world retelling stories of cultures and great kings, of Gods and Goddesses, death and wars, life and love.  Through music and dance they retold the hunt and so much more.

Music has even been used to move people to action.  In ancient times and through history warriors were moved to courage through drums, pipes and the voices of their women.  I believe that even today soldiers will play music in the tanks in order to be swept up in the passion required for the action of actually taking someone else’s life.

People make love to music, they grieve and they heal through music.  They pray and worship with music and it can inspire a glimmer of hope in the deepest darkest corners of despair.  There isn’t a single human emotion that isn’t touched by music in some shape or form.  It can even scare us to death while watching a scary movie.  It is such a powerful tool!

Personally I have always fallen into the “Love” music category.  I listen to music every day, even if it is just a meditation CD at bedtime.  Music has forged many of my friendships.  I spent many hours as a young woman rehearsing and performing.  Unfortunately it did not become my life as I took a different road but I am still in love with music.  For a while it was like a lost lover lurking in the background, soft tones supporting conversations or extremely loud at parties with wild dancing.  I have never become a music snob – I will listen to just about anything and I can find at least one song in every genre that will float my boat.

At this time in my life I have found a new bond with music.  Old friendships have been rekindled and new ones are being formed.  I am singing again, something that I haven’t done in years, having fun and loving it!  That lover that was skulking around in the outfield of my life is pushing its way back in, coming forward into the light to shine again.  Through it new breath is being blown into my life and relationships and new avenues of expression are opening up.  I use my voice and drum to praise the Creator and old Pagan songs to honour the Mother and Moon Goddess.  I am embracing old memories and finding places that need healing that have been hiding in the dark recesses of my mind and heart.  Every day it grows stronger. 

The troubadours of our time are no different to the ones that walked from town to town years ago.  They still sing tales of love and love lost… tragedy and joy… life and death.  There is a saying that it is easy to write – just sit down in front of a typewriter and open a vein.  I understand this as an author.  I believe that musicians dig deeper still and become vulnerable opening their very hearts allowing people to look inside…. 

Long live music and all the valiant souls who write and play it!  Thanks guys and gals we owe you a huge debt of gratitude!

Love and light.

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

History repeating itself....

I was checking my facebook page today when I came across a post from a friend regarding the abuse of women.  There was a picture of a woman in various stages of abuse signifying that each consecutive beating had steadily got worse.  This is unfortunately true, in most cases once a man has lifted his hand to a woman once he is very likely to do so again.  It is a matter of respect you see; he has none for her or himself.

As I read the comments made below about how these men should be hung, drawn and quartered I wondered what could really be done.  More physical violence would most certainly not solve the issue as a matter of fact it might even exasperate the situation.  It might make the men who do not condone this kind of behaviour feel better to think what they would do should they get their hands on them; but in the long run it will not resolve a thing.

It made me think about where and how this behaviour started.  I am sure that all was not sweetness in light throughout the ages; however there was an Age, at the Dawn of Mankind when women and The Earth Mother was revered.  Women were cared for as society realized that without them there would be no future generation.  Every law and decision was based on the needs of the women and children of the tribe and assuring the continuation of the blood line.  There were many matriarchal societies and the very first artifacts, were of the Goddess and was found all over Europe and many other cultures.  As a matter of fact the phallic symbol only came along many thousands of years later and was always placed close or nearby the Goddess symbols.  The Sacred Feminine was very much alive and well.  The Universe was in balance as matriarchal societies; it is believed, did not disregard their men but believed in working together toward the common good of the people.

Then came the Greeks and suddenly Athena “sprang” from Zeus’s brow.  She was no longer perceived as a Mother Goddess that gave birth to the world and all in it and she became the Goddess of War.  How did the nurturer become the destroyer?  Slowly civilizations built on this and our societies became patriarchal and the women slowly lost their power.  It took thousands of years but eventually women once revered were forced under foot.

In very recent history as little as 800 years ago women were vilified by the Church.  Thousands were put to death, burnt at the stake for practicing medicine, midwifery and herbalism.   The village wise women were ostracised and pushed aside.  There are some historians that believe that the number of murdered women could be in the millions as the Burning Times spanned a period of 600 years but very few records were kept.  Generation after generation of young men were raised believing that their Mothers and Sisters were inferior.  I have many opinions on why the Church did what they did but it would take me days and days to write it all down.  You only need to read the “Witches Hammer” to realize that there is something very disturbing about a faith that could allow such atrocities based solely on gender and an imagined evil.  Why, in England and North America in the late 1800’s a women’s person belonged to her husband and he could do with her as he pleased.  All her property and resources went to him without question at marriage.  First she belonged to her Father and then her Husband. 

Of course now our Western Societies frown upon such behaviour.  We no longer prosecute women HOWEVER thousands of years of conditioning have left their mark and it will not take a couple of hundred years to undo what has been done.  Terrible I know.  There are still cultures today that practice the persecution of women and some of them are driven by faith and cultural belief systems.   Islam is a case in point but that does not mean that all Islamic men would treat their women badly.  Their Laws however, can and often do.   Are they only following our lead?  Individuals during the burning times I am sure looked after and cared for their wives but as a society we were sorely lacking.

Which I guess brings me to my point.  I apologize for the rant…. but this subject is very close to my heart.  As the Mother of two boys it was important to me and their Father to instil in them a sense of respect for women.  I hope we succeeded; all the signs indicate that we did. 

Yet we still have men who treat their women as second class citizens.  Children see, children do… they watch and learn.  There will be some who will vow to never lift their hands to the women in their lives even if that is what they saw but unfortunately the majority will follow in their father’s footsteps. 

In my opinion it is important that these men be re-educated.   When found guilty of abusing their women and children meeting this behaviour with more violence is not going to change one thing.  We need to think of future generations and change the behaviour at the source.  The men should be healed…brought into balance again, taught how to be men in the true sense of the word.  Tormentors hate themselves more than anything and until that anger and hatred is released all the punishment in the world will not help.   If there are young men in these households they need to be educated alongside their fathers.  The whole family’s anger needs to be addressed. 

There is much support for the abused but not necessarily so for the abuser, in my opinion this is where the change should be made.  I am not saying cry me a river for the abuser, all I am saying is I believe with the correct support they may be able to let go and become whole again.  As a society we need to heal our sick; emotionally, spiritually, mentally and not only physically.  I am not talking about the Western concept of illness or healing…there isn’t a pill to shift deep routed perceptions of hatred.  Yes, I use the word hatred because that is what it ultimately is.

I know…. I know… easier said than done, right?  But we have to start somewhere and it might as well be with the culprit!  The world’s tormentors will continue to prey on the weak if we don’t heal them.   Or maybe I’m just an idealistic fool…..

Love and Light!

Friday, 24 February 2012

Lightworkers Saga

Lightworkers Saga

Here is a promotional video for my Mystery/Suspense novel. Check it out my friends!

Love and light

Friday, 17 February 2012

Spiritual Connection vs. Abundance

There seems to be two concepts that are never mentioned in the same breath; Money and Spirituality. I find that to be very interesting. Spiritual people often use the word Abundance as if the use of that word somehow softens the fact that they are referring to money. Why do they have the need to hide behind this word? What does the word abundance actually mean? Here are some expressive synonyms; Excess, Profusion, Glut, Surplus and Wealth. None of these sound so connected do they?

Why is it that the more spiritually connected we get the more we believe that we should have an aversion to money? We are we made to feel guilty by others that we can’t live off love, air, energy and water alone?

Being spiritual and trying to maintain a spiritual connection at all times I have to work at allowing abundance into my life. Often public opinion dictates that the more "spiritual" one becomes the less you long for the material things in life. This may be true for a few guru's but most of us live in the physical world and therefore need to make sure that we can care for ourselves and our families in this reality.

I for one am going to let go of all my limiting beliefs and actively engage in attracting abundance - and yes I am using this word in it's true sense! This is a very real goal for 2012 and I will be focusing much of my intent on this goal.

The one thing that I have found that has proven to attract abundance is to have respect and be grateful for what you already have. If you don’t care for the things you have, then why should you be granted more? I have worked hard for every single thing I have in my life; nothing was handed to me and I take pleasure from the fact that I have done it all on my own, so to speak. Of course we are never alone if we are co-creating with Spirit....

I am very grateful for what I have. To be honest sometimes I am blown away by the blessings in my life!!

Would love to hear your comment on this post.

Love and Light!!

Sunday, 22 January 2012

Marketing with Integrity.....

I have been struggling with the concept of Marketing.  When I decided that I was to become an entrepreneur in 2012 I knew that I would have a spiritual block with Marketing myself and any product I am promoting.  It is not because I don't believe in myself or my ability to help people or that I don't fully support the product; no, quite the opposite, I do wholeheartedly.  The problem lies with marketing and how to get my message across to people who might be interested in my books, personal development, healing and growth.

This means I have to market myself my books, my services and any supporting products. As I am by no means a guru in marketing or marketing techniques I have been taking some marketing courses.  What I have learnt, has up till today disturbed me and given me pause.  

Seems one can't just come out and say what you mean.  You have to create a hook!  Marketing is a seduction...a subtle lure.  It doesn't matter that what you are promoting will improve people’s lives you have to dress it up.  Understanding this truth through me for a loop and a small doubt that I could become a successful entrepreneur crept stealthily into my head.  Now what?

It was back to the drawing board for me.  I often tell my clients that the road to change is not always smooth but that one must persevere.  Never give up and approach difficulties from different angles.  So I asked myself the following question:  How do I market myself with integrity?

The answer came to me this morning during my meditation.  I need to make sure that my marketing campaign clearly shows my intent to do no harm.  That my enthusiasm for helping people change their lives for the better will be clearly communicated.  I realize that I will not be able to please everyone.  It also became clear to me that I can only do so much.  I can't be responsible for other people’s emotions.  Additionally the people who are ready to make a significant change in their lives will embrace my message while those who are not ready will simply click, shake their heads, and close the page and think on it no longer.

My mission should simply be to reach those individuals that are ready to embrace change and find their inner power and beauty through balance within my one rule - First, do no harm....

Friday, 13 January 2012


I have been meditating quite a bit over the last couple of days about the Afterlife and what that means to me.  I know that one day I will leave this Earth Walk and return to the Source to be re-born again to learn, grow and become ever more connected to Spirit.  It is a shame in a way that I will not recall my current life however but should my Soul feel the same pull towards Spirit as it has during this Earth Walk I am sure to be okay.

This is my belief system…that my Soul will choose to leave this life and will choose to come back again and again until I don’t need to do so anymore.  What makes my Soul decide that it doesn’t need to come back anymore… I can only speculate.

Not everyone believes the same thing I do.  Does that make what I believe wrong – or for that matter is what they believe wrong? I don’t think so.

During my last meditation I had a definite moment of clarity.  Everyone’s Afterlife is what they believe it to be!  If you believe in heaven…then that is the Afterlife you will have.  If you believe in Reincarnation then that will be your Afterlife experience etc.

Why not?  Spirit can do anything in the Universe…maybe Spirit is the Universe and of course there is always the chance that there are parallel alternate Universes.  Wow the mind boggles!!

If we just keep it simple I think I can say with certainty that we get what we believe.  Our minds are the most powerful tool we have while we are alive.  It can make or break us with its rhetoric.  If we believe we can make things happen, even miracles or we can ruin everything with a single negative thought.  So therefore if we believe that we are going to go to heaven then that is what we shall receive.  Spirit would not allow us to have such conviction and then give us something we never expected. 

As a believer in Spirit I hesitate to consider what atheists will experience.  I am not sure what they expect to receive; nothing?  Is that what they will receive?  I doubt it.   I believe they will receive a chance to return and do it all again and hopefully in that life connect with Spirit after all we are given the choice every Earth Walk to do just that.  I think it raises some interesting questions that I will have to meditate on further….

It is really anyone’s guess but that is my five cents worth....

Love and Light

Thursday, 12 January 2012

Celebration of a Life....

Yesterday I was at a funeral for the Father of a very dear friend of mine.  He had a full life, full of Love, Joy and Laughter.  As I sat there with the rest of "The Girls" I was observing the rituals we as humans follow when someone leaves. Although very sad they are especially beautiful when the person leaving has led a full and charmed life.

Jim Barnes lived to be 90 years old.  He met his wife who is still with us in 1946 and they married a couple of years later.  He brought his young family to Canada from Ireland and raised two happy children and his relationship with his wife strengthened over the years.  As I looked at the photo slide presentation there was picture upon picture of him smiling with his family and friends.  It became very clear that he was well loved by all that met him.

I know how he made me feel the time I met him.  He was funny and had me in stitches most of the time and kept on feeding me his  "kick-ass" home-brewed beer that could knock your socks clean off!!  I had a great afternoon.

Seems he loved a good party.  He enjoyed a good laugh, was quite the story teller and hard working.  Above all he loved his family and truly enjoyed his friends.  He inspired his children and adored his grandchild. A very special person whom we will all miss but none more so than his family!

How I hope that when I leave I will have family and friends that will remember how I made them laugh.  That I made them feel loved.  That I supported them and always tried to have a cheerful disposition.

Yes the day was sad, and yes hard times still lay ahead for the family as they navigate the year of firsts, but in the words of his son - his voice will always be in their heads saying  "Sure everything will be alright" and I for one believe that.....

Love and Light!

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Leap Of Faith

I have been meditating a little on the concept of a "Leap of Faith".  What is it and why do people do it?
What does taking a leap of faith require?
Is it:
Maybe it is all these things.  However at the end of the day all it really needs is FAITH!

As a coach I am often advising people that sometimes they have to take a leap of faith.  This time around it is my turn to do just that - take that leap.  I have, it took a while but I did it and I tell you that it is the most unbelievable feeling.  Letting go of control and the outcome and just allowing the change to take hold is liberating and exhilarating albeit a little scary.  I however have been given a new lease on life.  I have let go and released what no longer serves and I am embracing the new with all my heart and soul.

Friends, if you have been struggling with the question of making a change my advise is DO IT!  The outcome will be whatever it is.  If you do nothing the Universe may force the change.  As I say to my clients "Do something to improve your circumstances, even if it is just the smallest thing".

I am truly living and embracing  the words that I wrote in "Drawing Down A Dream" and I am feeling very blessed.

Love and Light!

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

A couple of days ago I shared my wishes for my friends on my facebook page. I got such wonderful response to my post that I thought I would share it in my blog as well.

May 2012:
1. Bring people into your life that will allow you to grow and love
2. Bring you courage and strength to meet its challenges
3. Bring you creativity and inspiration to make your desires come true
4. Bring you healing and determination to let go of the past and that which no longer serves
5. Bring you intuition and clarity so that you follow the desires that serve your greater good
Above all be happy, laugh and love a lot, surround yourself with people that love and support you!!! Love and Light!!

As I reflect on the above I realize that this is something we should aspire to everyday. Most of us think about the big picture at a New Year and we resolve to do things differently. Then life happens and before we know it we are back in our typical day to day practices.

I am feeling acutely aware of this today as I have taken a momentous leap forward on this very day. There is no more falling back on old habits and my traditional comfort zones. For a short while this morning I felt anxious, my heart pumped a little faster and for a millisecond there was a pinprick of doubt threatening to darken my vision. I dug deep and reached right into the place that guided me to this decision in the first place and immediately calm came over me.  All I had to do was remember that what I am leaving behind no longer serves.  My resolve was set as soon as I recalled the reasons for my decision. 

There is no falling back this time I must move forward.  I will succeed and exceed my expectations.  When those cold talons of doubt wrap around my mind and the “little bitch” in my head starts telling me that I can’t I have the vision to ignore and silence her.  Soon she will be mute and will dry up and fade away, for this time round I will not give up and take any notice of her negative refrain. 

2012 is already bringing me what I need.  It is upward and onward for me…..


Monday, 2 January 2012

2012 Is finally here. Now what, has anything changed?

2012 has been talked about with trepidation and excitement depending on who you speak to. Personally I believe that it is going to be filled with positive energy and that I am going to be able to make the final shift to becoming all I can be and follow my new path.

However in the meantime I have had to deal with some of my dark teachers. Anger and impatience has been knocking at my door these past days. This made me wonder; what has changed?  Here I am on the eve of another New Year with the same challenges that I have had year in and year out.  Then I realized that these teachers have showed themselves for a reason. 

With the Winter Solstice energy just behind us and us being in the midst of winter there is no better time to face our dark teachers.  This was reinforced by our Dance Chief at our sweat on January 1st, 2012.  I went to the sweat with the intention of setting my intention for manifesting in 2012 but once there I realized that I had to face my anger and frustration instead. The unfortunate thing in all of this is that people I care about usually suffer the consequences of my teachers showing up.  I can see and hear myself be confrontational yet I am unable to stop myself. 

Some time ago a girlfriend asked me “Why is it that we always hurt the ones we love?”  I replied that I thought it is because our loved ones can’t or won’t just walk away.  They hold space for us no matter how horrible we are because they love us.  People who don’t love us will throw their hands up in the air and walk away, they have no reason not to.

Often when we look at the "dark side" of our personalities we have an urge to squash it because we see it as negative. If we look deep inside the dark emotion there is usually something that we can embrace. I have found that within my anger lies my passion. It is the driving force that moves me forward and gives me determination to face whatever difficulties may lie ahead. If I embrace the positive aspects of my anger and turn it to passion just think of the amount of energy I could use for forward momentum rather than destruction. 

In the meantime I will work towards embracing my anger in the light and I apologize to my loved ones for being difficult and mean and remind you that I do love you all.  I look forward to 2012.  I am so excited about the changes that are coming I can hardly contain my anger....
I mean PASSION  :-)