Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Enter the Year of the Goat

Starting around February 4th and coming into full swing on February 19, 2015 the Year of the Goat AKA Sheep will come into play.  This will herald a gentler energy of communication and understanding. 

I don’t think I spoke to anyone in 2014 that said that it was a calm year.  Most commented that the year was running away with them and that they were hardly holding on.  The Year of the Horse turned out to be exactly as predicted… unpredictable in nature and volatile with many twists and turns.  I know this was certainly the case for me.

I welcome a gentler year.  2015 will not be without its challenges I am sure but by all accounts there is going to be a dramatic shift in energy.  People all over the world are going to push back against the dark energies that have been trying to take hold of the world.  It is predicted that much of the political turmoil will quiet and in some cases even cease. 

Personal relationships will follow the same curve.  It will be a time for healing and extending the olive branch.  As I research 2015, healing seems to be a common thread. 

2015 will be a time for me to recover from the chaos of 2013 and the speed of 2014.  Both these years flew by for me however 2014 was a wild ride.  I did succeed in many cases and accomplished much of what I needed to but a breakneck speed! 

Prioritizing will be important this year.  Now is a time to create a solid foundation for the future.  Heal old wounds and allow the gentle Sheep to guide you to greener pastures…

Love & Light